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  Mission Statement  

The mission of Leland High School is to provide quality education that will maximize the potential of all students socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually to become productive citizens.

  About The School  

Leland High School


School Improvement Plan




At Leland High School, we will produce quality students who are critical thinkers, problem solvers, and are college, workforce and military ready.




We will “Do Whatever It Takes” to Ensure the Academic Success of all Students


Core Values/Shared Beliefs


Student Growth and Learning is our Focus

Safe and Orderly Learning Environment

Positive School Culture

Model for Academic Excellence

Strong Community Partnerships


School Improvement Team


Principal- Melvin D. Brown

Lead Teacher- Mr. Eugene Sanders (Discipline)

Lead Teacher- Mrs. Robinson (Curriculum)

Counselor- Mrs. Wanda Head

Media Specialist- Ms. Regina Bynum


Leland High Goals


Improve Teacher Effectiveness

Increase the Graduation Rate

Improve Proficiency Percentage in All Content Areas

Increase Teacher Leadership Capacity

Improve School Culture

Become a Data Driven School

Improve Community Involvement and Partnerships



Goal(s)                         Plan of Action                                                  Strategies                                           Timeline                      Person(s)Responsible



Improve teacher effectiveness with 100% of the faculty following our LHS list of non-negotiable practices

Provide effective and timely professional development based on teacher and student needs. Hold staff to a high level of accountability for alignment and focus on teaching the standards.


1.)    Teach the MS Performance Standards with integrity and fidelity: Alignment of lesson plans and daily use of essential questions.

2.)    Develop formative and summative assessments aligned to performance standards.



August-May 2017

Person(s) responsible for Implementation


Principal- Mr. Brown

Lead Teacher-Ms. Robinson

Increase the number of students who graduate from 64% (2016) to 90% by 2020. (70% 2017, 77% 2018, 84% 2019, 90% 2020)


Provide additional time and support during the instructional day for Seniors who need to pass one or more exit exams for graduation

1.)    Offer additional time and support for ELA for all seniors and struggling students. (Media specialist is a certified ELA teacher and will provide extra help in the library throughout the day.

2.)    Additional time and support for math will be available with Algebra Nation and will be supervised by the lead teacher.

3.)    Identify students who are not with their graduating cohort and are at risk. Audit all transcripts by November 1, 2016. (Seniors, Freshmen, Juniors and Sophomores)

4.)    Work with district leaders to implement a viable credit recovery option for students needing credits to graduate or get on track.







70% 2017

90% 2020






November 2016






Principal- Mr. Brown

Lead Teacher-Ms. Robinson

Media Specialist-Ms. Bynum  

Increase proficiency levels in all core areas.

31% increase in Math

23% increase in ELA

17% increase in Biology

9% increase in History


All students demonstrate a minimum of 10% growth in all assessed areas.



Improve ACT composite by 1 point from 15.8 (2015) to 16.8 for the graduating class of 2017


Develop a school-wide focus on student growth and academic improvement.

1.)    Effective Tier 1 instruction in all content areas.

2.)    Use the online resource Algebra Nation to offer additional support to students struggling with Algebra 1 skills.

3.)    Development and use of strategic pacing guides to drive the instructional plan.

4.)    After school and embedded tutoring options.

5.)    Provide content specific teaching and learning strategies to improve student mastery and improve overall student performance.









August 2016


August 2017



Principal- Mr. Brown

Lead Teacher-Ms. Robinson


Increase teacher capacity with one teacher leader being developed within each content area. 




Develop teacher leaders utilizing professional learning communities and giving staff members opportunities to facilitate the PLC process within their department.

1.)      PLC leadership training for facilitators.

2.)    Provide opportunities for content area teachers to lead the team in PD.

3.)    Teachers share best practices each PLC meeting.

Monthly data analysis meetings. Review all SATP, PARCC and MAP data and make instructional decisions to improve outcomes.


Principal- Mr. Brown

Lead Teacher-Ms. Robinson

Lead Teacher- Mr. Sanders

Media Specialist-Ms. Bynum

Establish a positive school culture and provide a safe and orderly learning environment






Create an environment that is safe and conducive to learning


Establish and build relationships with all stakeholders



1.)    Newsletters and parent meetings to communicate school initiatives and expectations.

2.)    Improve student discipline and attendance.

3.)    Maximize and improve facilities to ensure students have a learning environment that promotes achievement.

4.)    PBIS





Principal- Mr. Brown

Lead Teacher-Ms. Robinson

Lead Teacher- Mr. Sanders

Media Specialist-Ms. Bynum

To provide the tools to ensure students are provided with technology to be a 21st century student




Establish performance based learning with technology that is in line with current needs of all students and staff

1.)    Train teachers to effectively integrate technology in all content areas.

2.)    Work with district leaders to build 21st Century Classrooms and labs throughout the entire school.



Principal- Mr. Brown

Media Specialist-Ms. Bynum

Dr. Brown-Federal Programs, Curriculum Director


Utilize student data to drive all instructional decisions.





Implement an effective data system to improve student outcomes.


Analyze all data including formative and summative assessments



1.)    Create an ongoing system to identify and monitor students who need additional remediation and intervention efforts.

2.)    Review student performance on pre-test and 9 weeks tests determine instructional focus.


September 2016




Grading Periods

Principal- Mr. Brown

Lead Teacher-Ms. Robinson

Dr. Brown-Federal Programs, Curriculum Director


Improve Community Involvement and Partnerships


Cultivate relationships with families, businesses, faith-based groups and community organizations to provide a system of support of all students.

1.)    Parent nights. Engage community and give them a voice.

2.)    Improve communication with newsletters and special events highlighting achievements.

3.)    Increase the level of contact with local business owners and leaders of faith-based organizations.



Principal- Mr. Brown

Lead Teacher-Ms. Robinson

Lead Teacher- Mr. Sanders

Media Specialist-Ms. Bynum

Dr. Brown-Federal Programs, Curriculum Director