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Melvin  D.  Brown
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Principal's Corner

A Family Affair

Melvin D. Brown
Melvin D. Brown

Greetings! It is our goal here at LHS to provide students with a high quality education that equips them to pursue all avenues including collegiate studies, immediate entry in to the workforce, or service in the United States Armed Forces. While this is a lofty and worthwhile goal, it is only achievable if all of us: faculty and staff, students, parents, alums and members of the Leland community band together. In short, this is a family affair.

I have long held the belief that schools should be run like families. Firstly, this means that members of the family are responsible for and accountable to each other. We do and expect each other's best because we are linked at a fundamental level. Secondly, members of a family have transformational relationships as opposed to transactional relationships. This means that our interactions with each other are guided by the notion that we want the family and all of its members to succeed for the sake of each other and not by "what's in it for me." Lastly, members of this family must care enough to put aside insignificant differences to strive toward our common goal, to make tough decisions and sacrifices for the betterment of everyone, and to correct and redeem a member after he or she has made a poor decision. 
Our family is at a crucial crossroads where we are in danger of losing more than an athletic competition or or a few dollars. If we do not adhere to the basic tenets unity, kinship, and most of all, family, our family will fall and our identity as an institution will be no more.